Around New Winton

What a wonderful series of sunny days. It always happens in Scotland like this. You get some kind of sustained period of sunshine in April or May, which gets everyone saying its going to be a great Summer, then there might really only be one more period like it all the way through to September. Anyway, bets enjoy it while we can.

This new walk was created over three visits. New Winton is on the route of one of my dogwalks, while dogwalking is allowed under the government rules as employment which can definitely not be done indoors. The reason it took three visits is that the walks around New Winton are almost as labyrinthine as the palaces of Knossos.

There are three routes to follow, all of which start from a small parking space by the side of the B6335, about 300 meters to the south east of the town of the village. I don’t really need to write so much about where to go, its all quite logical & also fun to explore. After Walk Two there’s a wee write-up about New Winton, while in the middle of Walk One there’s me reciting some Chinese poetry!


The Car Park


A crossroad of sorts – to the left is Winton Loop North – straight ahead is this walk
The intersecting path (Path B) follows the route of the old railway line – there was once a Winton staion nearby

Lots of cyclists in the area

Both left & right courses work
The left course

The gate back to the old railway


Looking across the road from the car

The fork in the path – bare right

Bramble bushes on the left

Here you can take the first path left & head back to Winton via aa field, or go on a bit further & then turn right through woodland

From the road head into the field & bare right to arrive back at the carpark




New Winton possesses a charm that is not relative to its size. It dates back to the mid 19th- century when the original houses were built by Lady Ruthven of Winton House to replace ones close to falling down near to the main house.

The modern houses being built on the other side of the road

The Square at New Winton comprises a mix of predominantly 19th century cottages, built by Lady Ruthven. On the opposite side of the road a small square has been built, and Gilbert Ogilvy designed some of the houses in the 1930s. The whole makes a delightful rural scene.



Heading along the old railiway route

A relic from the railways

Turn left at the boulders

Do NOT take this bridge, but you can if you want obviously

Reaching the main road – New Winton is to the left

To contribute petrol & petfood

Please make a donation




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